MatchWare MindView software and documentation

– Top quality content authoring and translation

Client: MatchWare

Time: continuously since 2009

Service: copywriting in English, translation into Danish, and compilation

I have worked on software and documentation for the mind mapping application MatchWare MindView since 2009. At first, I translated software and documentation from English into Danish; later, I also started authoring documentation in English of new and changed features for new application versions. This work also involves creating screen dumps for the documentation, managing translations into other languages, and compiling the final documentation in web and PDF format.

Writing documentation in particular has required me to familiarise myself with the application to see what the new features do, how they interact with existing features, and how they benefit the user – and putting all of this into words as concisely as possible. Each new documentation update needs to be written so that it fits the existing content without creating self-contradictions and without describing the same things in different places.

When writing documentation updates, I engage in a continuous dialogue with MatchWare software developers to resolve questions and focus on the important things.

– For many years, Rasmus has played an important role for us as regards software and documentation for MindView and other MatchWare solutions, says Thomas B. Henriksen, CTO and Software Engineer at MatchWare. – He delivers top linguistic and technical quality, and he has sufficient insight into IT to be able to grasp how our software works. This grasp of IT also means that it is easy for our developers to work with him. We’re very satisfied with his contributions!

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