Whitepapers on power management and other topics

- An important addition to the general market communication

Client: DEIF

Time: continuously since 2018

Service: copywriting in English

On behalf of Danish electronics company DEIF, I have written a series of whitepapers in English on a range of issues and challenges facing the industries and business areas that DEIF deals with. These whitepapers, with their objective and matter-of-fact content, are an important part of DEIF’s content marketing strategy which seeks to promote the company as a trustworthy and competent partner by presenting good solutions to the issues presented.

The whitepapers written so far deal with topics such as redundancy and multi-master power management (ensuring uninterrupted power supply in hospitals and data centres), ship hybrid propulsion solutions, design considerations when establishing critical power plants, and methods for attaining lasting fuel savings on ships.

In each case, I have worked closely with one or more DEIF product experts, communicating their expertise using the whitepaper format, and with the graphic designer in charge of the final layout. Objectivity and professionalism have been critical parameters whenever I have written text for a whitepaper, but it has also been important to communicate the sometimes complex subject matter so that non-experts can also benefit from reading it.

– Whitepapers have become an important addition to our general market communication. They allow us to tone down the commercial aspect and instead promote the highly specialised technical competences that we as a company also bring to the table when designing the right solution for the customer. In this, Rasmus’ ability to communicate complex technical content in an understandable manner plays a big role. High-level English that is also easy to read and understand. It's as simple as that, says Søren Rimmen, Global Marketing Manager at DEIF. – In addition to delivering high-quality copy, Rasmus is very pleasant to work with. Constructive, flexible, and good at decoding the intent of the sender so that it is converted into text. It's no easy task with technical subject matter but Rasmus is able to do it, and I'm certain that's what makes him a popular partner to our product managers.

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