Article and case study about wastewater treatment at Herlev Hospital

- Text that communicates the message and a consistently positive attitude

Client: Grundfos BioBooster

Time: 2016-2017

Service: copywriting in Danish and translation into English

In 2016, an independent report confirmed that an advanced wastewater treatment solution from Grundfos BioBooster was capable of cleaning highly contaminated hospital wastewater so efficiently that the treated wastewater was close to drinking water quality. I wrote an article about the solution for Grundfos to use for marketing purposes and for providing general information on the subject to decision makers at hospitals and public authorities.

As part of my research for the article, I was briefed thoroughly by key Grundfos BioBooster staff and interviewed several external stakeholders from Danish engineering consultancy company DHI, Herlev Hospital, KL (the association and interest organisation of Danish municipalities), and BIOFOS, the local wastewater utility. Wastewater treatment is a complex field bordering on technology, environment, and law, and it was important to communicate the sometimes complex content about concepts such as the Best Available Technology (BAT), point source treatment, and law and common practice in the field.

- This was a relatively complex task; we were trying to inform about the administrative practice in this area while simultaneously doing a case story about our own project, said Jakob Søholm, then Municipal Segment Director at Grundfos BioBooster. But Rasmus managed to write a text that communicated the message so that it was easy to understand, and he had a consistently positive attitude to the task. We are very satisfied with the result.

Following approval by all internal and external stakeholders, I translated the article into English and edited a shorter version of the translated article for a case study. As of 2020, this wastewater solution is no longer offered by Grundfos.

Grundfos website

Short description of the solution on the Herlev Hospital website (in Danish)