News articles for external communication 

– positive narrative with media impact

Client: Mercantec

Time: 2022-

Service: interviews and article writing in Danish

Since the spring of 2022, I have written a series of Danish-language news articles for Mercantec, the largest educational institution in Viborg Municipality, Denmark, which offers a wide range of technical and vocational education, adult and further training courses, and high-school level programmes.

The articles are meant for external communication and tell the stories of people, events, and milestones at Mercantec. Among other things, I have written about students winning gold medals at the national skills championships or shining a positive light on their apprenticeship employer; about extracurricular events that strengthen social bonds among students; and about courses and further training offered by the school that create value for companies and employees alike.

The articles contribute to establishing and sustaining a narrative of Mercantec as a professional, ambitious, and open educational institution. And they have had quite an impact: In addition to being published on the Mercantec website, most of the articles have also been sent to various media as press releases, often being published with minimal editorial changes. As such, they have contributed to creating a positive image of the school with the general public.

During my work on the articles, I have interviewed persons from many different groups around Mercantec – for example, students, teachers, coordinators, and leaders. I have subsequently written the articles in Danish, deciding on an angle in close cooperation with the school's marketing and communication department.

Bo T. Andersen, head of marketing and communication at Mercantec, says: ”Rasmus is good at understanding who we are, and where we want to go. He is a master of transforming a complex world such as ours into a communication product aimed at the reader and with clear, nuanced messages. In addition, Rasmus is a down-to-earth, friendly, and attentive cooperation partner”.

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