Newsletter copy for market communication

– relevant high-quality communication with good open rates

Client: WordPilots

Time: 2021-

Service: newsletter copy in Danish

When a translation agency that promotes itself as a high-quality choice sends out newsletters, the linguistic quality of those newsletters evidently needs to be high as well, and readers must perceive the content as relevant. Both of these criteria have been met in the e-mail newsletters that have been sent out by translation agency WordPilots since 2021, and for which I have written the copy.

WordPilots focuses on high quality in its linguistic solutions that include copywriting, proofreading, and more in addition to translation. The company also emphasises good and constructive long-term cooperation with its clients, and the newsletters, which are sent to a varied readership of customers, partners, and other interested parties, are a natural part of WordPilots’ ongoing market communication to its clients.

I write the copy based on input from WordPilots. Each newsletter will typically have one overall angle, such as the reasons why quality translations are important, or the pitfalls when doing marketing in other languages. With this angle in mind, I write the copy to create a cohesive newsletter, develop headlines that stand out in recipient inboxes, and ensure that the linguistic level is consistently high.

The copy articulates WordPilots’ core competencies in linguistic solutions and project management, link to case studies, articles, whitepapers, and other content on – and address client concerns in a world where relevant and interesting market communication in several languages is a necessity, and where there is consequently a continued demand for the services provided by WordPilots.

It would seem that newsletter readers perceive the headlines and copy as relevant: WordPilots achieve average open rates of approx. 30% (varying between 30 and 56%), and the company is happy with the cooperation. Joan Kiehl of WordPilots says:

”We highly value our close cooperation with Rasmus. His in-depth knowledge of the translation business gives our copy the focus it needs when we communicate with new and existing clients. In addition, his high linguistic quality lends credibility to our communication which is indispensable in our line of work.”

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