Authoring of a software user guide in English

- A keen eye for target audience, style, tone – and schedule

Client: WordPilots on behalf of a major Danish engineering company

Time: 2011

Service: copywriting in English

When WordPilots were approached by a major Danish engineering company in need of an English user guide for their administration software, I was given the task of writing the guide from scratch.

The primary challenge was to achieve a tone and stylistic level that would appeal to the end users. As the project deadline was comparatively tight, timely communication and careful alignment of expectations were also very important. This also meant that I needed to prioritise my efforts as the software has far more features than was feasible to describe in the time given. I created screen shots of the programme in action and inserted them in the guide.

Despite the tight deadline, the user guide was finished on time. WordPilots have subsequently handled translation of the finished guide to other languages.

– Rasmus is an inspired translator and writer! He is always our preferred choice when we have an assignment that matches his professional profile, says Joan Kiehl, owner and director of WordPilots. Rasmus always carefully familiarises himself with all assignment instructions, has a keen eye for target audience, style, and tone, and he navigates through assignments with a great command of language! Add to that constructive dialogue and a good measure of humour, and you can sleep soundly at night as his client!

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