rasmus gissel | writer, translator and proofreader

It is normally supposed that something always gets lost in translation; I cling, obstinately, to the notion that something can also be gained.
- Salman Rushdie



I can write text that is catchy, that communicates the message you want, and that is easy to read and understand, no matter how hard or complex the subject matter. I can deliver technical texts (e.g. user guides and installation manuals) and sales/marketing related texts (e.g. catalogue and newsletter texts) in perfect Danish and English. I focus on your target audience and level of style and consider graphic elements at an early stage in the writing phase so that we can quickly arrive at a good and effective result.

 CASE: article and case story about wastewater treatment (Grundfos BioBooster)
 CASE: Authoring of a software user guide
 CASE: Authoring, revision and documentation (Danfoss)
 CASE: Authoring of product catalogue text (Grundfos)


I have a great deal of experience translating e.g. software, documentation, user guides, web content, marketing material and catalogue texts in fields such as IT, medicine, education, renewable energy, automotive and music. I translate to and from English and Danish and also translate into Danish from Swedish and Norwegian (bokmål).

 CASE: Translation of curricula into English (Royal Academy of Music)
 CASE: Translation of press releases etc. into English (EnergiMidt)


I can carry out many different kinds of proofreading: sampling (QA), full comparative proofing and anything in between. I always evaluate the content of the text and do not just look for typos. I have taken a professional proofreading course with Danish language education provider Danske Sprogseminarer and primarily proof Danish texts. However, I am also capable of doing a competent job on texts in English.

 CASE: Proofreading of document translations in the offshore sector