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The quality has been outstanding on every occasion and has fully lived up to our expectations.
- Christoffer Boserup Skov, EnergiMidt

Case: Translation of press releases etc. into English for Innovation Fur






Along with the island of Fur and Skive municipality, Danish energy company EnergiMidt runs the Innovation Fur development project. The project is set to run from 2011 to 2015, and the overall vision is to demonstrate how modern technology and energy saving solutions may contribute to the development of the energy-friendly and sustainable society of the future. The project has attracted a fair degree of international attention, necessitating continuous translations of e.g. presentation folders, press releases, climate accounts and web content from Danish into English. Since 2011 I have carried out a number of translation tasks for EnergiMidt.

It has been my overall aim (as always in my translation work) to achieve a relevant tone of voice and produce translations that do not read as if they are translations. More specifically, the greatest challenge has been finding just the right terms for my English translations when the topic was e.g. various forms of energy, accounting or the official English names of various Danish authorities. To arrive at correct results I therefore continuously confer with my client and also compare with English-language websites on similar topics.

The client says

Communication Consultant Christoffer Boserup Skov, EnergiMidt:
"We have relied on Rasmus Gissel for a wide range of translation assignments. The quality has been outstanding on every occasion and has fully lived up to our expectations. Additionally, Rasmus Gissel is very flexible as regards deadlines, and we have encountered a great degree of professionalism all the way from delivering the assignment to receiving the finished result."


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 Website of Innovation Fur (not all English content on this site was translated by me)

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