rasmus gissel | writer, translator and proofreader

Rasmus [...] provided consistent and very competent quality assurance of the many different texts.
- Pernille Ingemann Bo, InterSet

Case: Proofreading of translations


InterSet on behalf of a Danish offshore sector company


December 2009 to January 2010


In the autumn of 2009, I was involved in a major project for InterSet as a translator. The project was translation of offshore work process documentation from English into Danish. When it became clear that there was a lot more translation work involved in the assignment than estimated, and since quality was very important, I was given the task of proofreading files translated by the other translators on the project.

The task was to do a full comparative proofreading of large volumes of documentation and to work out general evaluations of the translators' work for InterSet. As the documentation was quite technical, the task required a profound knowledge of the terminology used; a knowledge that I had acquired during the previous months of translation work. It also required a certain amount of healthy skepticism as the source text was not always error free which from time to time led to comprehension problems for the translators.

Throughout the course of the assignment I referred to the project language lead at InterSet. Questions were handled continuously via e-mail with the end client.

The client says

Project manager Pernille Ingemann Bo, InterSet:
"Rasmus was on the translation team and did an extraordinary job. His translations were so well done that eventually he was enrolled in the proofreading team tasked with ensuring high quality and consistency in the work done by the translation team. He very quickly grasped the directions and provided consistent and very competent quality assurance of the many different texts. Rasmus was quick to get acquainted with the new subject areas and did a very competent job--both as regards language use and grammar as well as technical insight and clarification of concepts."

Please note: InterSet went bankrupt in 2010, and Pernille Ingemann Bo is now at ITW GSE AXA Power


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